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Call of a Coward

Book Review by Lisa Barber

Call of a Coward
The God of Moses and the Middle-Class Housewife 
By Marcia Moston


If you’ve ever felt the call to go on a mission trip, but were intimidated at the thought, this book is for you.  For most of my life I have been interested in missions, yet never experienced it personally.  This year I am accepting the call of a short term mission trip to Guatemala.  One of my team members recommended reading this book written by Marcia Moston who served for part of a year in the same area of Guatemala that I will be going to.  So it was with eager anticipation that I delved into Call of a Coward.

Marcia Moston’s life in the U.S. was one not unlike many of ours.  She was a suburban housewife and mother.  Until one day her husband came home and said he felt like God was calling them to leave everything behind for a year (or more) to go and live in Guatemala.  He had recently taken a short term mission trip and felt God calling him to something more.  The Mostons packed up their belongings along with their 10 year old daughter and headed south, driving from New Jersey to Mexico and then on to Guatemala. 

Marcia describes their trip, along with her feelings, about the people she meets and the places and encounters that they have along the way.  She tells you about the relationships that she builds even with her limited ability to speak Spanish.  The reader begins to realize that people who answer the call to missions are just like everyone else. 

God does not have special people set aside to do his work in foreign countries. He calls us right where we are, ordinary people living ordinary lives.  If we are obedient and answer the call, He then equips us to do the job He is calling us to do.

The story takes an unpredictable turn in the middle of the book and we learn how God uses all of our experiences for His glory if we are obedient and follow His leading.  We realize that at the moment we think we have “God’s plan” for our lives all figured out…….the road can turn and we can end up somewhere we never even dreamed possible, as was the case with the Mostons.   Anyone interested in how a short term mission trip can change your life will greatly enjoy and be challenged by this book.  It is a realistic reading adventure!

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