Cultural Effects

As we debriefed as a group, I always enjoy seeing things through the eyes of someone looking fresh at a culture. Even if it was the dogs that repulsed them or the sound of a marimba at night that they could have done with out. These are the things that I don’t see anymore. Things that I have forgotten about. Yet things that scream Guatemala. Embracing and living within a culture is difficult and there will always be things that are counter cultural. Being surrounded by friends though is like having a piece of home here… and so I cherish the days that we spent together and have tidbits to share from each of them …

Things we loved:

Laughter of the children and seeing the smiles on their faces
Being greeted everywhere we went and others actually talking to us on the streets
Mountains – everywhere
Beauty of country
Puppies (3 of them living right next to our room)
Family atmosphere
Seeing the vision and hospital
Respect for culture

Cultural difficulties:

Language barrier
Being careful not to offend people
Sanitation/ lack of
Transportation/ difficulty of travel
Dogs – everywhere and not looking healthy

I speak on behalf of everyone that this week gave a window into the life and ministry that is in full force in Guatemala. The favorite part of the week was being able to experience first hand the presence of God. Seeing the hospital ground and the school and seeing how the pieces all fit together. Thank you to all who have been a long on this journey.












A Day in Chiminisijuan

Our last day here we were able to visit a village high in the mountains to collect baskets and share a message with the widows in that area. This was a sweet ending to our time here as we were able to see the homes and area of the people from this area. This project has been ongoing with a focus on helping the widow’s provide for their families. They make baskets from the pine needles around their homes and the sale of these supports their daily needs. They are able to make as many baskets as they can make in a month and then they bring them to the clinic once a month. During that time, there is an encouraging word that is given, we ask about their lives and we collect their baskets. This month we also brought a few things for the kids and played with them a little bit. Jaxs with Jim was a big hit! Lisa shared about her own struggles and related to the women, and then we headed home. Here are a few pictures from our day!

Counting baskets

Miguel proud of his jax skills

Flor talking to a widow

Learning how to make a new item (coming in July)

Lisa sharing with the group of women

Playing with the kids

Walking to the clinic

How we roll

A group shot



Today was our rest day and we took advantage of the day to spend time together and see the town and surrounding areas. We checked out the Mayan ruins, took a prayer walk through town, got an ice cream cone, headed up the canal for a scenic view. This day was very enjoyable as we were able to learn about the area here and see more of the beauty in this place.








Why We Are Here

This is my second trip to Guatemala. Since I knew basically what to expect, I was able to relax more and observe things I didn’t observe last year. One thing that I noticed when coming down this time was the amount of people with means traveling to Guatemala. I also noticed many people who appeared wealthy in Guatemala City. Guatemala City is not an extremely modern looking city. However, it still has people of means-like any other city.
As we flew over the mountains on the way to Canilla, I was once again struck by the beauty of the mountains and the surrounding countryside. It truly is God’s country. This area and the people of Canilla may not be modern, with all the conveniences like in the city, but the simplicity and beauty of the area with the surrounding mountains points your heart to God, the Creator of all beautiful things.
So why are we here? Not for the excitement of the city. Not for what the small village has to offer us, but for what we can offer them. What is that? Not school supplies and books. Not the English language or technology training- all of which are important and part of our day. We are here because we will come. We come to a people that no one else will come to. They are feared, looked down on, misunderstood. But we come. Come to share the love of Christ to a people in an area that others who have the means and ability would never venture. We come and we are blessed. ~Lisa


School Days

Posted on June 24, 2014  by Adrienne

As a team, we worked at the school today. When we arrived we sorted all of the school supplies the church, school and others graciously supplied. (Thanks!) Everyone at the school was very thankful for the new supplies (thank you, thank you). We were able to clean the rooms at the school by scrubbing the walls and dusting the ceiling. The ladies worked on school projects for the English school such as making flashcards and games for the students to practice their English. While the ladies worked on school items, Jim painted and helped grill our delicious lunch. We ate lunch at the school with Aaron, Katie, and their family, the Director of the school, Greg, and his children. We worked at the school till around 4:30 and came back to rest. At sunset we walked with the Fickers to view the hospital property. The outline of the property is dug up so we could see the outline of where the hospital will be, very exciting! We ended the evening by enjoying some time together and making our plans for tomorrow. Thank you for your support and prayers during our trip, they are much appreciated and we can’t wait to tell you about the trip.
Jim grilling
Megan and Lisa working on manipulatives

Allison and Jim enjoying contact paper!
School supplies sorted and displayed
The hospital property – starting to dig!