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The Dance

Timothy Keller, in his book Jesus The King, describes a dance that takes place between the Father, Son, and Spirit.  The dance is a beautiful display of love, honor, and respect.  The rhythm of this dance consists of the three as one being, yet exalting each other, communing with each other, and deferring to one another.  Each person, with complete selflessness, makes the other the center of His world. 

Other religions demand that you obey a list of do’s and don’ts to gain acceptance.  God offers us a gift of salvation.  The gospel is a proclamation of good news!  He loved us so much that He died for us.  He paid the penalty.  He is love.  We are accepted just as we are and He is dancing all around us.  Some believe that they must change before they come to God.  This is a lie and misconception.  We accept His free gift of salvation and THEN He changes us from the inside out.

God has given us a longing to be accepted unconditionally.  Keller points out that many storybooks relate this innate need to be rescued, pursued, and loved.  The paralytic came asking to walk, but Jesus could see his need was much deeper.  The paralytic needed forgiveness of his sin.   Jesus refused to just heal him physically.  (How cruel it would have been to grant him physical healing and leave the man devastated, once he realized that physical healing did not make his life better.)  Many obtain earthly goals only to find themselves still empty.  They need to go deeper.  They need a divine dance with the Lord to feel whole, healthy, stable, loved, accepted, and cared for.  

Religion is a very tighly woven list of do’s and don’ts that inevitably puts a person in prison.  Entering the divine dance is about being justified by faith, loving God, centering your life on Him, giving Him full control, and embracing the God who also centers His world on you.  How awesome!

Jesus blessed my socks off the day I began to fall in love with Him.  He has been faithful to lovingly and gently lead me further into this love (and I have never looked back)!  May we lean into the King as He pours out His love and acceptance on us.  May we seek hard after the heart of God and find that He is faithful, true, and loves us with a never- ending love!  His love is marvelous and there is no substitute for the journey!  

If you have not entered the dance, I urge you to take the hand of Jesus and allow Him to show you what it is all about!  

Reference: Keller, Timothy. (2011).  Jesus The King.  New York, NY: Penguin Group.




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