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A Valentine Gift!

I am amazed by the number of blessings, promises, and gifts that the Lord has for us!  I haven't studied that in depth, but I am sure there are thousands upon thousands.

I have been learning about it more as I have studied the book of Ephesians.  In going through the first chapter alone, I counted 40.  (This includes different translations, so each one seems to multipy, as not every translation reads the same.)

As a friend and I were talking about this, we came up with the idea of making a box containing cards, each with a blessing, promise or gift, to use as an illustration for our study in Ephesians.  

So today, I want to share our box with you...

And inside the blessings of God abound!

At our study, we each take a card out of the box every week, and are asking God to reveal more to us about the gift on the card. It has been amazing to see how God answers those prayers and most of the time He does it in the most unexpected way! 

He wants you to know the blessings he has for you!  They are free - all you need to do is receive them.  As a friend reminded me recently, too often we think of blessings as material things God gives to us.  When really what he wants to give us is himself.

Now that's a Valentine Gift that keeps on giving!  For eternity!  

My prayer is that Jesus will reveal His love to you today, and every day!  Live loved, sweet sister!



About the box...

If you would like to make a box for your personal use, or as a gift for a friend, the directions are below.  You also have permission to link back to this site, but not to copy what is here. We are not selling this and ask that you do not either, as it really is a gift from God, isn't it?

The box is from the dollar store. I used a bow I had in my bow box. You can get some of those at the dollar store too! I printed out the gifts onto card stock and cut them apart.  Once cut apart I wrapped the cards in tissue paper, put them in the box, and voila!  By all means put your own spin on it and get creative!  I plan to add more gifts to my box as I find them, which probably will mean a bigger box :)

Download and print:

The Gift

Gifts 1

Gifts 2

Gifts 3

Gifts 4

If you made a box, we would love to hear about it!  Share what you did in the comments below.

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