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I am Free!

A short post this Friday - working hard on website updates!  Check back on Sunday to see the progress & all the announcements :)

For today I would like to share a poster a friend of mine put on facebook.  It is about our identity in Christ - something He talks about a lot in His Word, that we sometimes don't listen to.  

Print it out - look up the scripture references and bask in all that He says you are!

He loves you dearly :)


I do not know the orignal source so if you do - please let me know so we can link it!


Love Walk Among Us

I saw a sign recently that said Love (has come to) Walk Among Us.  

And He is and He does!  I'm am so thankful for that picture.

To take it a step further - you who are in Christ are His hands and His feet!  We are to be love to those we are among.

As Valentines Day approaches let us remember who we are and be thoughtful of how we can show love to those we come across.

If you have the love language of gifts - here are some great ideas to get you started.

You can print these bookmarks out by going  here

Is your love language words of affirmation? This site has many valentines and other ideas!

How about these cute little hearts?  Who would not want to have one of these! Easy to make even with the kids!

Want to do some easy decorating?  Try these easy peasy hearts :)

And last but not least - my personal favorite - heart handwarmers! (Looks like they might come in handy this snowy weekend!)

Whatever you chose to do, do it all with the love that overflows in you and through you - the love of Jesus :)


Operation Christmas Child (be a part of someone else's story) 

Sunday is the last day to turn in your shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child at GCAC.  Even if you have not picked up an 'official' box, it's not too late to get one together!

You can use a regular shoebox or even a plastic shoebox.  For some ideas on what to pack in a box click here. (FYI - they never have enough older boy boxes.)

The blessings that you will provide to that child are more than you can imagine.

I experienced a special blessing this year while on our mission trip to Gabon.  

There were several churches we had to pick from for the Sunday service.  The decision was hard - the church Pastor Goodman would preach at, a church I had never been to where one of the interns was to preach and the village church near PK27.  

After much deliberation and prayer I felt God was calling me to the village church.  Not really my first choice, but the one I was to go to none the less. On Saturday night I signed my name to the list, along with several other team members.

On Sunday morning as we were getting ready, we found out that we would have the great privilege of handing out Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to the kids in the village!  We were thanking God for the opportunity he had given to us!

That morning the last 17 children (of 40) in the village received their boxes.  Although only 5 adults attended church that day - almost all of the village children were there.  The anticipation and excitement was beyond all expectations.

This video is a short picture of the joy these children experienced.  After the boxes were opened one of the girls stood up and started to sing a song that we sang in church that morning.  The song says 'today is a miracle, today is a miracle for you, today is a miracle for me.'


The kids will take back the boxes to their families and share the love of Christ that you have sent! The impact far reaches the children.  It can impact an entire village.

Consider today being a part of someone else's story.





Today is a day to be THANKFUL!  What beauty God has given us in the seasons.  Not just in the seasons of time but also in our seasons of life both physically and spiritually!

Here is another pic to add to your collection of seasons.  You can print it out by going here.

Why not take today and spend time reflecting on the season he has you in now and the beauty of it?  The things that make it special, like no other season.  How he is growing you through it.  

Enjoy the season you're in and the day!


Devotional Bible Study

Ever find that you somehow have gotten off track and spend less and less time in the Word?  Wondering how to best get back into it again? Not through a Bible study.  Not through a book.  Just you and Him. (The good news is you don't have to wait until January 1st to start the 'Read Through the Bible in a Year Plan'!

Hop over to Womens Ministry Net for this short 5 minute video on how to begin again.  Remember - you can't do anything about yesterday, but you can start again today! 

How to Study the Bible Devotionally - click to view the video

(the video is available for a limited time so be sure to check it out while you can!)


Here is their handout below, or you can go to the site here to get a 'printer friendly copy'.

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16

It is important to know how to study the Bible for ourselves. There are many methods of Bible studies. Here we will discuss the devotional Bible study method.

Step One: Pray - We should never come to God's Word without first praying and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and illumination.

Step Two: Read - It is important to have a systematic reading plan. Many Bibles have these listed in the back or you could search for one on the Internet. If you use the YouVersion Bible application, you can choose one of many wonderful reading plans they have gathered from various sources. You can also simply choose one book of the Bible that you would like to know more about and read a chapter a day.

Step Three: Meditation - Choose one or two verses to focus on that really stand out to you. Think on these verses and what they mean to you. 

  • Say it aloud, each time placing emphasis on a different word and watch for new meanings to develop.
  • Paraphrase the verse(s). Take the verse and rephrase it in your own words using contemporary words and language.
  • Personalize the passage you are studying by putting your name in place of nouns or pronouns. For example "Heather praises you because she is fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, she knows that full well." Psalm 139:14
  • Use the questions from this silly acrostic: S-P-A-C-E-P-E-T-S.
    • Sin to confess?
    • Promise to claim?
    • Attitude to change?
    • Command to obey?
    • Example to follow?
    • Prayer to pray?
    • Error to avoid?
    • Truth to believe?
    • Something to praise God for?
  • Pray back to God the verses on which you are meditating. A great resource to learn how to do this is Beth Moore's Praying God's Word.

Step Four: Application - Our goal in Bible study should never be just head knowledge, but also heart change. This is why application is so important. I encourage you to write a very specific application in a journal. 

This application should be - 

  • Personal
  • Possible
  • Provable
  • Probable

Revisit these applications from time to time and ask if you have successfully applied this truth to your life. One of the most rewarding aspects of Devotional Bible study is to be able to look back through your journal and see how you have grown through the study of God's Word.

by Heather Ablondi - on the Women's Ministry Net    From

Sweet sisters let's make this the day where we begin again!