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Verse of the Day

Ask Questions

You know the questions...the same ones you may ask your kids when they want to do something or go somewhere :)  (If they aren't old enough yet - these are the questions you will want to ask them when they are going out as teens!)

They are also great questions to ask as you are going through the Word! If you have started to slow down while you are reading that is great because you now have the time to start asking questions.

Who is speaking?
Who is the audience?
Whois involved? 

What took place?
What is the meaning, context, time period?

When did this take place?

Where did it take place?

Why did it happen?
What is the reason or purpose?

How was it done?
What was the method or means?

As you take time to explore these questions you will find more depth in the meaning of what you are reading.  It will be like unlocking hidden treasures!

I challenge you to take a verse that is familar to you - one you don't think you can get anything new out of.  Pray, get your journal, slow down and start asking questions. 

My guess is you will find some treasure in that time!

(You can also go to this link for a handy printout with more detail on asking questions, and an example)

Be blessed by the wonder of His Word this week!



Slow Down!

When people ask how you have been, my guess is one of the top responses you give is - busy! We seem to always be on the run!

We eat fast, move fast, drive fast.

We are so busy that we miss a lot.

Reminds me of the familiar saying, 'stop and smell the roses'.

So today we are going to talk about - slowing down!

When you slow down, you will see and appreciate so much more.

Think of how much more you see when you take a leisurely walk. How food tastes when you savor it.

Sometimes when we read God's Word we are more concerned with getting it done and checking it off the list than really absorbing and understanding what we are reading. We are too busy and need to get on to the next thing.

I challenge you this week to slow down when you are reading the Word.

Stop and ask yourself what the verses mean. What message is being conveyed? What is the truth in it? How is God speaking to you through it?

When we read His Word it is not just for head knowledge, it is to be for transformation!

Let the Living Word sink in and transform you this week! Oh, and don't forget to journal what He has spoken directly to you! Yes, the God who created the universe is the Very One who will speak to your heart.

The Great I Am!

And the sweet fragrance of that is better than any rose :)



Take Notes

Last Friday we talked about praying before reading scripture.  

How did that go? Has God opened your eyes and heart to new truths? 

I realized this morning as I was reading through Romans 4 that I was just reading words as I was thinking about something else.  Do you ever do that?  Well it made me stop and pray!

This week I want to talk about journaling. (and as a Fun Friday activity I am including some diy journals for you to try out! Some are easy peasy and others a little more difficult - click on the pic to get to the link)

I don't know about you, but I LOVE journals!  Every shape, size, color.  I love the feel of them.  I love starting a new one (which explains why I have so many!)

I was very sporadic in my journaling until a friend gave me one as a gift to use on an upcoming mission trip a few years ago.  

She had taken the time to divide it into sections - my time prior to the trip, during the trip and after the trip. On many of the pages she had written scripture.  

It was a gift of love from her and is one of my most cherished possessions.


Not only did it get me into the habit of journaling, but it has been a wonderful reminder of the journey God has put me on! As I finish one I chose a new one to start - to be filled with reminders of an amazing God and all he has planned for me!

I love to go back to see what He has done.  To remember those times I would have forgotten otherwise. The spiritual markers in my life, just like in the old testament when they put the stone markers up to remember what God had done there.

This is a gift ladies! One you will cherish if you take a moment to do it.


When God shows you a verse - write it down.  

When He does something in your life - praise him and write it down.

When you are struggling - write a prayer to him.

I have a friend who has been writing prayers for her daughter in her Bible as she reads God's Word each day.  Special prayers, recorded from a mother's heart to her daughter.  Wishes, dreams & God's plan for her.

Another friend told of a story of a woman who was praying for my friend's husband and his salvation.  This woman had written my friend's husband's name and the date she began praying over him, above the scripture she was praying for him. Her husband did come to know the Lord and is a mighty man of God today!  When the woman who had prayed for him, passed on to be with Jesus - my friend was given her Bible.  What a precious gift that was to her and her husband! 

What a legacy your writing can be to others! A tapestry of your life and a record of God's faithfulness.

Make a journal, buy a journal.  How about 2 - one for you and one as a gift to challenge a friend alongside you.

So this week - I encourage you to start to journal. It doesn't have to be long - just start! You will be blessed more than you can imagine!


Bible Study Bookmark

I came across some study concepts that I have made into a bookmark that fits right into some of the things I am learning in Bible Study!

One of the biggest changes I have learned in my study (Multiply by Francis Chan) has been to pray before I read the Word!  

I know - seems basic doesn't it?  But for some reason, I have never made that a habit!

So now, my prayer before I begin, is ask the Spirit to: 
-open my heart to see & hear Him
-give me His wisdom
-to establish that truth in my life

Guess what - he is doing it!  

I know it should not come as a surprise, because it's easy, right?

I have never thought to ask Him to establish His truth in my life.  I guess I always thought I would try to do it myself - big mistake, I can't.

Sometimes we make things so much more difficult than it needs to be.

We try so hard to change.

We try so hard to see what he is saying.

When all we need to do is pray and listen!

His Word tells us to come to Him.



“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  
Matthew 11:28-30

Over the next few Fridays, let's go through these steps and see what a difference it makes when we apply them. (I will use this verse as an example each week as we go through the steps.)

So this week - print out the bookmark by going here.

Pray and then start reading His Word and see what he shows you.

Start to take some notes on what he is revealing to you.

Then, we will talk more about it next week 

In the meantime, be ready for change! 

This will also be posted under the Fun Friday tab so that you will have each Friday post together without additional blogs in between.


Your Weakness, God's Strength 

We are so excited to be a host of the 2013 Priscilla Shirer simulcast!

Join us on April 27 from 8:45am to 4:30pm for this exciting look into the life of Gideon.

Through the story of Gideon, Priscilla will teach us to recognize that our weaknesses are the key that the Lord gives us to unlock the experience of His strength in our lives. Instead of ignoring, neglecting or trying to escape our weaknesses, we should see them as the gift that they are, given specifically and strategically by God to access His power and we should use them to unlock the door of God's strength.

Tickets go on sale this Sunday @ GCAC in the Narthex.

Cost is $10 (lunch is not included).  For each ticket purchased $5 will go to ministry outreach.  We will share more on that at the Simulcast.

We want this event to be for our community, so share the information all over your town!  Invite friends, family and neighbors.  

As a special incentive, anyone who shares this post on facebook will be entered in a special drawing for 2 free tickets to the Simulcast.  We will announce the winner tomorrow evening.

Check out the video below. We are excited!