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Verse of the Day

Say I Love You 

Print in any size and frame it. Change pics with the season!Today we have a lot of ideas - mostly free! That makes it a Fabulously Fun Free Friday!!!!!!

Cards & gifts are fun little ways to show someone you love them and that they are special to you. 

Take time this weekend to print out some free valentine cards, make some of the cute little gifts and be sure to remember to say - I LOVE YOU!  

We heart you bunches ;)


Happy Valentines Day!  

From our Heart to Yours 



Grab some cardstock click on the pic and print off some diy valentines.  Oh so cute!




























Happy Valentine crafting!


Decorate for Valentine's Day!

Today we have lots of ideas and websites to share with you! Make a plan to spend time this weekend decorating for Valentine's Day. Why not get the kids involved too! Most of the ideas can easily be made with supplies you may have around the house making them practically free. (and who doesn't like free ;) 

To get the how-tos on each of these projects just click on the pic.

Next Friday we will have some diy valentine gift ideas and free valentine card printables.

Some fun & easy banners!





A few more cute ideas...









Leave us a comment and tell us what you liked and if you tried any of these.  That will automatically enter your name in the giveaway on Monday.  Share a little love and pass this onto your friends! From your heart to theirs..

Have FUN!


Lovely bookmarks

The Fun Idea for today is totally free!  All you need to do is go to this link and print these adorable bookmarks onto cardstock!

Love grows as you share it with others!  Reach out and share the love.  Make some of these to share with your friends or pass them on to someone who needs a special touch today.  A little gesture can go a long way!

Heart to Heart - from your heart to theirs.

Pass it on!




Start a perpetual journal!

Perpetual JournalHave you started a journal time and time again and each time thinking you needed a new journal to start fresh?  This could be an answer for you - begin a perpetual journal!  You can make these inexpensively with just a recipe box and some index cards.  Have a card for each day of the year and make one entry each day.  It could be a special memory, something you are thankful for, or what God did in your life that day. As the years go on you will be able to see how God has been working in your life and what special things he has done! Don't worry if you didn't start this on January 1st - the beauty of this journal is that it just continues on and on. Even if you miss a few days, you can pick it back up at anytime! No need to find a new journal ;)  Click on the pics for more information on how to make one of these pretty journals or be creative and make one up on your own!




     Happy Journaling!




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