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Verse of the Day


I see her picture everyday. Some days more than others.
Dark eyeliner. Edgy stare. Multi-colored hair.
My children ask why we have her picture taped up on the wall.
Because she is missing.
Maybe stolen.
Hopefully living.
Hopefully with a strand of hope still hanging on.
She enters my prayers when I wake at odd hours.
Alex is most likely awake then.
Her parents are desperate.
On the edge of a scream and a weeping that will not stop.
I hold her up again to the Father.
Encourage her heart.
Tell her who she is.
Beloved. A child of the One True King.
I hold her up again to my Father.
Come for her, Lord Jesus.
Rescue her. Send your warriors.
Break her bonds.
Return her to her homeland.
Return to her the innocence of childhood dresses and dandelions.
Cradle her in your massive-yet-manly-gentle Father arms.
Hold the palms of her hands in yours;
Love Alex so she knows You. are. with. her.


(There are more slaves in the world now, than ever before in human history.  If you are interested in more information you can start here at the A21 Campaign.  Christine Caine, along with her husband Nick are founders of this organization.  She will be a speaker at the upcoming Women of Faith Simulcast to be shown at GCAC on
November 7 & 8. There are numerous organizations you can find by googling the subject. Take some time today and pray for the countless victims of this tragic crime.)



John - Week 12

Hi Ladies!

Wow, what a week you have in front of you!  Jesus' death and resurrection - the pinnacle of this gospel.  May you be challenged, encouraged, convicted, and blessed as you study His Word.  May this crucial portion of the Word of God penetrate your heart and soul and fill you with peace and hope as you come to terms with Jesus' sacrifice for you.  May you leave this week of study forever changed.

Download lesson here.

After this, one more week to go!  I'm praying for you all.


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Wholly Trust

Awhile back, I wrestled within myself about truly and wholly trusting Jesus concerning my children.  It is true that the one thing we have trouble giving over to Christ is the thing that has the greatest potential to take God’s place in our lives.

Two friends helped me wrestle this out after Bible study one Wednesday night.  Could it be true that my love for Christ was conditional, based upon how He handled the lives of my children? 

It was…and that was excruciatingly hard to admit!!!

It took a couple of weeks before I could honestly and wholeheartedly say that I trusted my Lord and Savior with my children. 

Months down the road, I had very difficult decisions to make.  Had I not come to surrender concerning my children, I must confess that my decision would have been one of disobedience to what Jesus was calling me to. 

God knows the preparation we need. 

What do you need to wrestle out?  

Surrendering those things we hold so dear is one of the most freeing decisions we can ever make.  For ourselves.  For whatever (or whoever) it is we wrongfully place on the throne.

Surrender, my sisters!  It is so worth it!

Psalm 91
Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
      will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
      my God, in whom I trust.”





John - Week 11

Hi Ladies!

Welcome to week 11!  There are just two more lessons after this one.  My prayer for you is that God is working in and through you as you study His word, that it will transform you from the inside out.

Download lesson here

With much love, 


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Pride Never Wears Well

The hat she was wearing was ri-dic-u-lous!
Fushia. Feathers. (Lots of feathers. Are you kidding?!)
To top it off, she kept preening her hat while she spoke.
She was incredibly busy. But, of course, someone like her could tackle it.
Like a pitt bull. I felt like I almost couldn't breathe.
Then she started talking about her kids.
(Is it possible for one's children to all be triathletes with perfect grades and goals of medical careers?)
Would it end?
Finally, in a moment of seeming mercy, the conversation veered towards me.
What was I doing?
I started slowly. I would not be so prideful and would keep it simple.
Then she stopped me, still preening those ridiculous pink feathers...
"Where did you get your hat? It's outrageous! I love it... all of that sequins and bling!"
            Do not let arrogance come out of your mouth;
            For the LORD is a God of knowledge,
            And with Him actions are weighed.

            The bows of the mighty are shattered,
            But the feeble gird on strength.

            Those who were full hire themselves out for bread,
            But those who were hungry cease to hunger.
            Even the barren gives birth to seven,
            But she who has many children languishes.

            The LORD kills and makes alive;
            He brings down to Sheol and raises up.

            The LORD makes poor and rich;
            He brings low, He also exalts.

            He raises the poor from the dust,
            He lifts the needy from the ash heap
            To make them sit with nobles,
            And inherit a seat of honor;
            For the pillars of the earth are the LORD’S,
            And He set the world on them.

            He keeps the feet of His godly ones,
            But the wicked ones are silenced in darkness;
            For not by might shall a man prevail."

                                         1 Samuel 2:3-9 NASB