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Verse of the Day

Unclogging the Christmas Sink

"For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." -Isaiah 9:6 (NIV)

Our utility sink that is attached to the washing machine is pretty rustic. The lint filter attached to the water hose doesn't catch all the lint that separates from our clothes and towels. Often this lint forms a grey, icky mess that clogs the drain at the bottom of the double basin. If I don't check it and clean it out periodically, it overflows dirty, sudsy water all over our basement floor! Yesterday, I cleaned it out. It was a gross, stringy mess. But necessary for the water to flow freely and allow more laundry to be done.
Christmas can become a time of clogged loyalties. In talking with other women, conversations of overwhelming amounts of decorating, cookies, cards, and cleaning abound. Is this what Christmas is? The right decorations? The right foods? Now don't get me wrong, special traditions to bless others by celebrating the birth of the One True King, Jesus, are precious and to be savored. However, are we clogging the drain with the many additional requirements we place upon ourselves and on others at times?
Christmas can be simple, beautiful, meaningful if we simply unclog the flow of the Holy Spirit and ask:
*What is most important this season?
*What are good, simple ways to celebrate the birth of Christ?
*How can I bless someone today?
Here's to a Christmas filled with simple blessings and knowing that you are loved so much by the God of the Universe that He sent His son to earth for you and for me. You are loved this Christmas and every day. You are loved deeply and richly. Merry Christmas!




Just Hanging Around

Last summer, my family invited me to join them for a week at the beach.  I was packed before the day was out.  I have always loved the ocean and have grand memories of vacations with my Mom and Dad, body surfing, lounging on a raft, or just bobbing up and down with the waves.  Gosh, I hadn’t been in the ocean for decades!  I was excited and marked off the days on the calendar.

Finally. Decked out in a cute little (okay, well, not very cute and definitely NOT very little) suit, smeared with sun-protection and laden with a colorful variety of towels, umbrellas, magazines, and snacks, I made my way to join the other sun and water “worshippers.” 

Ahhh.  The smell of the ocean; the feel of the sand; the sound of the waves crashing over each other: the beach! 

After claiming my territory, I set up camp, and then eagerly joined the family members who were already in the water.  I waded out as far as I could, and within thirty seconds, found myself on my back, upside-down-turtle-style.  As I struggled to roll over to get a foothold somehow, BAM, another wave hit, and I was now belly-down in the frothy water. 

Family hurried to my rescue as I staggered out of the water and turned to figure out what had just happened!  My daughter Shelley suggested I hold onto her hand as I made Attempt #2. Again, I was swept off my feet (and NOT romantically) and brought Shelley down with me.  I quickly realized that I no longer had the strength or balance to stand against the waves.  (Bet you know where I am going with this, eh?)

I settled for walking ankle deep along the shoreline picking up shells, hoping for a piece of sea glass.  I still soaked up the sun and the general ambiance, but body surfing took on another, less artistic meaning for me.  

I have reflected often about Christ’s commands to us to stand.  What does it take to stand?  Nothing, right?  We just, well, stand. 

After my salt-water plunge, I have a slightly different perspective.  I wasn’t able to stand: I wasn’t prepared for the force of the waves; I over-estimated my abilities; I was out-of-shape and maybe even a little overweight. 

One of the most intriguing passages about “standing” is found in Ephesians 6: 11, 13, 14:  11 ”Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your STAND against the devil’s schemes.” and 13 ”Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to STAND your ground, and after you have done everything, to STAND.  Verse 14 begins, “STAND firm then...” 


Paul makes references to “the devil’s schemes,” and “when the day of evil comes...”  Sounds a lot like today, and yesterday, and I’m betting tomorrow, too.  The devil attacks, and he is smart; he has schemes.

Look what is written in I Peter:  “...Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  Insert YOUR name for someone

So, what are we doing when we stand? We are persevering. We are thwarting the plans of the enemy. 

How?  By standing on the word; by standing on the truth; by standing in faith, by showing steadfastness, by raising our shields to fend off the fiery arrows. 

Don’t kid yourself; standing takes some spiritual muscles!  And when those waves begin to roll over us--those “schemes” and “those evil days”--we will be able to stand, to stand as if we were standing on a rock, THE Rock.



The Master MTO Specialist

Last week I walked into Sheetz and stepped up to the MTO (Made To Order) kiosk to place an order.  As I checked off my requests for different items, my mind began to wander, “What if we could do this for our spiritual lives?”  

  •  Love
  •  Joy
  • Peace
  • Longsuffering
  • Kindness
  • Goodness
  • Faithfulness
  • Gentleness
  • Self-Control

I trust that when I pray to the Lord, the Master MTO Specialist, to help increase these things in me…He will do it! When I submit my requests, He hears me and goes right to work to bring about His very best for me.  


Once our prayers have been answered, we must do our part.  If we order our item from Sheetz and never ingest it, it has no benefit.  Therefore, while He is faithful to always answer these prayers…we must internalize and practice what He has graciously handed us.  We need to ask Jesus to help us live out this new gift!  He will show us every step of the way.  We are never left alone to figure it out! 

My list, of course, is much longer than just the Fruit of the Spirit.  But without the Lord working inside of me, I would surely find that without Him, my checklist is worthless garbage.  He makes the difference.

Let us forge ahead with confidence that when we ask, He goes right to work to build inside of us a woman of faith that looks an awful lot like her Daddy.  

Your MTO Specialist is standing by!




About two years ago our family adopted a new member.  He was a pet and friend for my son.......a Cairn Terrior.  Since that time, Max has befriended each member of our family in a slightly different way.  To my son he is a rival, always wanting to chase and play, always wanting to win.  To my husband he is another pet on our list of several who he diligently cares for.  Since my health struggle began in March, Max has become my constant companion, my shadow, my "Furry Friend", if you will.  But to the critters who live outside of our house, he is a twenty five pound Cairn "terrorist".

Each morning before daylight, I open the garage door to allow Max to "charge out" into the 
yard .  Every morning it's the same routine.  I open the door.  He runs as fast as he can, loudly barking and looking for any animal he can find to begin his day of chasing terror.

All fun and games until the morning there was something else waiting in the yard for Max besides the usual "kitties".  All fun and games until Max met his terrorist nemesis, the skunk.

Now terriers have a kind of "natural odor" that is unique to them.  Terrier scent mixed with wet morning grass and skunk makes for a not-so-aromatic mixture.  And so the animal games began.  Every morning for at least a week, Max met his "smelly friend" and so blessed our house with stinky smells.

How does this apply to us?  I was spending time with God one morning very early before Max went outside.  He wanted to cuddle up in my lap so that I could love him.  But even though I tried many ways to get the stinky smell out of Max's fur, nothing completely erased it.  So here I had a stinky pup who loved me so much and just wanted my love in return.  It was then that I realized that to God I am the stinky pup.  Each day he tells me, sends me, commands me to go out into that "stinky world" that He loves, and love them back.

When I go out there, I am not immune to the stink.  Just like Max, I oftentimes may start to smell like the company that I keep.  But if I don't go, how will they ever see, feel or experience God's most precious gift, his unchanging, undying love for us.  One thing is different though.  Whenever I want to "snuggle up" and spend time with my Master, He takes that worldly stink, and blesses me with a divine fragrance that only He can give.  And guess what?  That Divine Fragrance draws more people with "stinky situations" who want what they see and hear and smell in our lives.

Let's be more like Max and seek ways we can get "skunked" for God.



A Surprise Blessing!

I have been to several Women of Faith Conferences over the years.  Last year, I was blessed at the last minute with tickets to the conference in Pittsburgh.

Being the recipient of 2 tickets that cost over $100 (each!) was a huge blessing.  But even more, they came at a time when I needed them the most.

I was in the midst of sorting out, discarding, and packing up 22 years of my life.  We were moving from our home of 22 years.  A place where my kids had grown up, with more memories than I can ever count.

So much had been happening through the 7 month process that were difficult to handle. If you have ever moved, I am sure you know how difficult this process can be. Many unknowns, more dissapointments than I thought were possible, and unending waiting.  There was so much to do, and even more decisions to be made.  Contracts were signed and fell through.  Every single day was a new day to trust God with all the unknowns,  and problems,  and work. 

It was physically draining.  Emotionally charged.  Overwhelming.

I felt like I was hanging on by a thread.  

And then I was thrown a spiritual lifeline - an unexpected boost. Just when I needed it the most.

Two tickets to Women of Faith - the day before the conference!

Wow! God had used this sweet woman to bless me in a very special life renewing way! I am sure she had no idea how much I needed this and how perfect the timing was.  

That conference helped me get recharged.  It poured into me all that I needed to keep on going through the process of our move. He spoke Words of Renewal to me through some amazing speakers.  And the icing on the cake was getting to worship with Third Day!!! They were the first worship band I discovered when I was saved.  I felt as though I was in Heaven before the Throne! (Imagine how awesome worship will be when we all get to Heaven and sing next to all those great worship bands before Jesus - wow!)

This coming week will mark one year that we moved into our new home.  It is fitting that the Women of Faith Conference is this weekend.  I know it will be another time of refreshment as God speaks his truth into my life once again through this confernce.  I am always blessed more than I can imagine when I spend intentional concentrated times with the Lord.  These conferences are always used by Him to do just that.

So the question is - who can you bless this weekend with a last minute surprise and bless yourself as well! Invite someone to go along with you to this conference!

It is not too late to attend the Women of Faith Simulcast at GCAC tonight and tomorrow.  Tickets are available at the door! Instead of paying $100 for a ticket it's only $20 (and a special student rate of only $5).  With no parking fees, no long lines, and no traffic :)

The speakers this year are amazing!  The worship will be as well.

God's presence and His word spoken just to you = priceless!

Hop on over to the side column at the website and click on Women of Faith for more info.  

BLessings to you!